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The immediate past national chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Madam Samia Yaba Nkrumah, has said the CPP must maintain a strong ideological position to uphold Nkrumaism.

“My experience in leadership has convinced me that it is important to maintain strong ideological position in order to uphold Nkrumaism,” he told the Daily Graphic in an interview.

She, however, insisted on the need for hard work to regain the party’s ideological position.

Madam Samia Nkrumah was speaking with the Daily Graphic at the party’s national delegates congress in Sunyani at which a new national executive body was elected.

She said the CPP would be vibrant in 2016.


The former national chairperson said there would be continuity in all the initiatives by the outgoing national executive.

These, she said, included the development of electronic database, court case to release the party’s confiscated assets and the revival of the party.

Madam Samia Nkrumah described the atmosphere at the congress as very hopeful, with a lot of excitement.

She was happy with the election of Professor Delle as the new chairman, adding ‘’We have very good relations’’.

Strong structures

The CPP flag bearer for the 2012 presidential elections, Dr Abu Sakara, also in an interview, described the congress as a wonderful one.

“Today is the first step to choosing the executive to have the mandate to decide the way forward”,  he said.

Dr Sakara stressed the need to build strong structures at the grass-roots level, adding,  ‘’We need to put the party on a firm foundation’’.

He  explained, “With a firm foundation at the Constituency level, the CPP will be strong.

He commended the delegates for their dedication and commitment towards the revival of the party.

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