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CPP-UK gives party chairman five days to reverse suspensions.

Cape Point Lighthouse

The Convention Peoples’ Party’s UK branch has given the party chairman five working days to rescind the decision to suspend the General Secretary Nii Armah Akomfrah and National Youth Organiser, Ernesto Yeboah.

In a letter addressed to the National Chairman Prof. Edmund Delle, the CPP UK criticized the suspensions as “an attempt to silence objective, honest, brave and incorruptible voices of dissent in our party”.

The party on June 30, announced that it has suspended Nii Armah Akomfrah and Ernesto Yeboah for ‘acts of indiscipline’.

Nii Akomfrah and Ernesto Yeboah

The two clashed with the party’s flagbearer Ivor Greenstreet over their stance on a controversial gift to President Mahama.

While the two and the party’s youth wing condemned the gift, the flagbearer said it doesn’t “feel wrong” for the president to accept a 2010 Ford Expedition gift from a Burkinabe contractor.

After Ivor Greenstreet suggested at an IEA event that there are consequences for taking unilateral positions, the two were suspended days later.

Although the party has maintained the suspensions are not related to their comments, the CPP-UK branch is not convinced.

The letter signed by the Regional Secretary Kyei Anim-Sampong, the UK branch said the move was “politically motivated, selective and a cowardly attempt” to find favour with the governing NDC.

Ivor and Delle

Prof. Edmund Delle and Ivor Greenstreet

Read full letter below


Dear comrade chairman,

The regional executive committee and members of CPP UK have agreed to present this resolution to you:

That we are gravely concerned about the suspension of the General Secretary and Youth organiser of our party on June 20 2016. That these suspensions together with other developments have exposed our party to widespread public condemnation and ridicule.

That we are convinced the suspensions have no merits and no basis in fact. That they are politically motivated, selective and a cowardly attempt byyourself and your colleague executives to use the central committee to implement your agenda of a sell-off to the NDC for personal financial rewards. That it’s also an attempt to silence objective, honest, brave and incorruptible voices of dissent in our party of which the two suspended executives are among its leading advocates.

That these suspensions further confirm the suspicion that you and some of your colleague national executives including our presidential candidate are under the direct control and management of the NDC with the ultimateagenda of selling-off our party to them for financial rewards.

That your actions would result in the ignominy of being the leader who chosecorruption and personal financial reward over integrity and an independent CPP.

We move that you take immediate steps to redeem whatever is left of your tarnished reputation by leading to have the suspensions rescinded without any conditions. We determine that their immediate reinstatement would be the first positive step towards pulling our party from the brink and help to unify us for the greater good.

We hope to hear from you in five working days failing which we reserve the right to exercise any options necessary to save our party from being sold to the NDC.


Yours sincerely,

Kyei Anim-Sampong, Regional Secretary CPP UK