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1. Name : The Party shall be called and known as the CONVENTION PEOPLE’S PARTY, abbreviated CPP and hereinafter referred to as the Party.

2. Identification : The Party symbols shall be a RED COCKEREL ON A WHITE BACKGROUND The Party flag shall be Red, White and Green. The Party motto shall be: FORWARD EVER BACKWARD NEVER

3. Ideology : The ideology of the Party shall be and remain NKRUMAISM.

4. Headquarters : The Party shall have its Headquarters and National Secretariat in Accra or such other place as may be determined by the Central Committee subject to subsequent approval of Congress.

5. Legal Status : The Party is a corporate entity in accordance with the existing Constitution of Ghana and shall have perpetual succession and may sue and be sued as a corporate body.

6. Founding Members : The names and addresses of Founding Members of the Party shall be kept at the Party Headquarters and shall automatically comprise the founding members of the People’s Convention Party, National Convention Party, Supreme Council of Elders, People’s National Convention who were signatories to the October 1997 Unity Accord and who are members of the Convention People’s Party and subscribe to this Constitution as well.

7. Aims and Objectives : The principal aims and objectives of the Party shall be: To consolidate and maintain the independence and sovereignty of the State of Ghana;


To safeguard and defend the Constitution of Ghana against its overthrow or abuse;

To take all necessary steps to ensure the political, economic and social progress and stability of Ghana and promote national reconciliation and unity; To offer Ghanaians a caring Government based on Nkrumaist principles of social justice and the welfare of the people;

To protect and enhance Ghanaian cultural heritage and institutions; To work relentlessly for political and economic unity of Africa and co-operate with intra-African institutions and agencies towards the realisation of this goal;

To pursue the goal of world peace, justice and security, and struggle for a new and equitable world political, social and economic order through the United Nations, Organisation of African Unity, the Economic Commission of West African States, the Commonwealth and other international organs; and

To co-operate with other political parties and movements, which commit themselves to similar ideals, including the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination.