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Membership of the Party shall be open to every citizen of Ghana irrespective of  ethnic origin, religion, place of birth, social or economic status.

A citizen of Ghana may be registered as a member of the party provided that such a citizen:

a)  has attained the age of 18

b)  accepts the constitution, aims, objectives, policies and programmes

c)  is accepted for membership by a branch of the Party ( the Branch)

d)  accepts the discipline and rules of conduct of the Party

e)  pays the subscription fee and annual dues as required

f)  is not a member of any other political party.

Membership of the Party shall be open to any organisation which satisfies the conditions in sub-clause (b) (d) and (f), which is accepted as a member by the National Executive Committee, given that its members shall be individually registered with a branch.

4)  A person wishing to join the Party shall apply to a Branch by filling out a form.

5)  The Branch Executive at its next meeting shall accept or reject the application.

6)  Upon acceptance, the member will be issued with a membership card.

7)  A subscription fee and annual dues as determined from time to time by the National Congress shall be payable by all members.

8)  No person shall qualify as a member of the Party unless he/she is a member of a Branch.

9)  A member may resign his/her membership by formally notifying the Branch of which he is a member.

Download the Membership Form by clicking on the link below, fill in the form, sign and return it to the secretariat with a recent passport photo


Application Form – To Save the pdf file – Go to File and click on Save Page As or File Save As