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Message from Our Presidential Candidate, 2012.

A successor generation has come to the helm of national affairs fifty five years (55) after independence.

The development challenges we now face are however unchanged and in some respects have been made worse by a population that has increased six fold from 4 million to 24.7 million. Since the first Republic Ghana has moved from a position of self reliance to dependence.

Many of our people do not have adequate access to clean water, food, shelter, health care and education.

In 2011, for example, 53 per cent of school children taking the BECE failed and could not continue onto Senior High school. Only 20 percent of pupils that enter primary school reach Senior High School and only 3 per cent them reach University level.

Only a few of our poorest people who need basic healthcare are able to afford NHIS subscription. Maternal mortality is unacceptably high at 350 per 100,000 live births and the country remains protein deficient in its diet.

Socially our cultural values have been eroded by unbridled modernity, whilst national patriotism has declined. Economically our development has been stifled by policies that have shrunk the manufacturing sector to single digit as a percentage of its contribution to national GDP.

The nation therefore continues to borrow to meet recurrent costs of mostly consumptive expenditure.

This fundamental imbalance between inadequate economic growth and demand for goods and services puts pressure on public spending and has resulted in a debt burden of more than GHc 25billion.(BOG,Feb 2012) This situation is untenable and irresponsible!

Fundamental reforms are needed to reverse this trend of affairs and to achieve transformative change.

The country needs bold and visionary leadership that will address these big challenges at a fundamental level

A CPP government under my leadership will ensure that the state fulfills its responsibility for empowering its citizens to hold government officials accountable. Corruption will be detected and punished to take away incentives through motivated police and intelligence services.

The judiciary will be supported to ensure efficient administration of justice through effective leadership building for public service employees.

We in the CPP will live up to our tradition of selfless, dedicated and committed service to the people. Our overriding goal is to render service to community for attainment our national development agenda.

Dr. Abu Sakara
Presidential Candidate 2012