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Sanitation Problems

Aim: To encourage and support Waste re-cycling.

Develop a modern sanitation system that will focus on sustainable management of liquid and solid waste throughout the country. Local government bye-laws on community and household sanitation will be strictly enforced.


Health and Sanitation

The CPP government proposes a health policy that will be multi-sectoral to address issues of safe water, good nutrition, physical health and environmental sanitation. The ministries of Health, Food and Agriculture, Sports and Local Government will have a key role in this policy.

The CPP government will:

  • Decentralize the management of health services at the district level.
  • CPP will move and work hard to a universal and socially funded health system.
  • Re-introduce certificated midwifery training and ensure midwifery services in Community-Based Health Planning and Services (CHIPS) compounds.
  • Intensify HIV-AIDS and other health education, especially among the youth.
  • Expand facilities under our proposed Accelerated Capital Investment Programme to train health personnel as a first step towards combating the brain drain in the sector.
  • Use technology and distance learning to help in the delivering of healthcare training.
  • Leverage brain gain by negotiating on behalf of Ghanaian medical personnel working in industrialized countries to be given two extra weeks’ leave a year to assist in Ghana.
  • Provide for one egg per day as of a one meal for every child in school up to completion of Senior High School. This will help to meet our second Millennium Development Goal (MDG 2).